label_outlineWhy we created FEAT Startup?

We believe validation of the fit with market and customers is the first key step for any startup.
We believe that the validation of the market is the key point of each new startup.
We believe anyone should have a 60-secs opportunity to show their idea to the world.
We believe that a video pitch will help entrepreneurs build better startups, get traction, find co-founders and investors.

This is WHY we created FEAT Startup, a video pitch-based community for startups, entrepreneurs, investors and anyone curious about the startup world.

label_outlineHow do I register on FEAT Startup?

It's quick and easy. Just click on "Register" or go to https://featstartup.com/register/, fill the form with a few info, and you're ready to go!

label_outlineWhat is an elevator pitch?

We will give you a very simple definition:
An elevator pitch is a very concise presentation of an idea covering all of its critical aspects, and delivered within a few seconds (the approximate duration of an elevator ride). On FEAT Startup you have the time of a 60-secs video to show to the world how good your idea is.
Are you ready?

label_outlineWhat should I say in an elevator pitch?

Think of the elevator pitch as an executive summary that provides a quick overview of your business and details why you are going to be successful.
Explain your idea clearly, which problem and market you are addressing, and why your solution will provide value to your customers in a unique way.
At the end of the video, state what you are looking for with the video pitch, and use a call to action.

label_outlineWhy should I share my idea with the world?

Ideas are cheap, execution is everything. Follow this mantra and you will discover that ideas are worth a lot more when shared with others. Execution and team are what bring ideas to life, to become successful startups.
Hence, a video pitch sharing your idea is the perfect way to find validation of the market fit, find early adopters, build a great team and let investors know how great your startup is.

label_outlineHow do I upload my video pitch on FEAT Startup?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Record your own pitch with a camera or even a smartphone, making sure of three two things:
1. Record your pitch of 60 secs showing your face, explaining your idea. People wants to see you!
2. Save it in .mp4 format to upload it successfully on FEAT Startup

Tell the community what you are looking for, either validation, co-founders, investors or expansion to new markets.

Once you have your pitch recorded, just use the button "Upload" in the Home Page and create the profile for your startup. A few info to give the community a way to get to know your idea better and get in touch with you.
Once your video is ready, just upload it pushing the button "Upload" in the Home Page and create the profile for your startup. A few info to give the community a way to get to know your idea and get in touch with you.

label_outlineWhich languages can I use for my pitch?

FEAT Startup is currently available in English, Spanish and Italian. Choose any of these three languages and pitch your idea to the world!

label_outlineHow FEAT Startup will help me and my idea?

FEAT Startup will feature your pitch in the Home Page and in the list of startups. Your pitch will be shared on social media, and you will get feedback, upvotes and comments from thousands of startup professionals.

label_outlineHow do I discover new startups on FEAT Startup?

You can see the full list of startups at https://featstartup.com/startups. You will also see in the Home Page the most upvoted startups. Filter by industry, name or language and discover great new startups!

label_outlineHow do I give my feedback to a pitch?

The best way to show your support or give your feedback is embedded right inside the video pitch. UPVOTES and COMMENTS are there for you to leave your contribution. The "Upvote" button with the "Fire" icon is made to give you the opportunity to quickly show your appreciation to the video pitch. The most upvoted startups will be featured in the Home Page and in our social media.

label_outlineHow do I get in touch with a startup?

You can get in touch with a startup by simply visiting their profile and sending them a direct message. You have your own Inbox where you can see all the messages you sent and received. Build great conversations, networking matters!

label_outlineDo I keep ownership of my video pitch?

YES, absolutely. FEAT Startup does not own your video. It is intended to be a platform to help you and thousands of other entrepreneurs with your ideas. Share your video pitch with your friends and show them how great being on FEAT Startup is!

label_outlineCan I create more than one startup or upload more than one video pitch?

You can create as many startup profiles as you want, your ideas are your limits! Nevertheless, you can upload just one pitch per startup. So make sure you make it as great as possible.

Do you have further questions? Just send us an email at info@featstartup.com, we'll make sure to help you and add your questions to the FAQs.